Thank you for your interest in Coupon Sevilla.

Here you can find all information regarding a collaboration with Coupon Sevilla.

Please contact us if you would like a personal appointment, need more information or would like to collaborate with Coupon Sevilla.


Why collaborate with Coupon Sevilla?

Through Coupon Sevilla you can bring your activities to the attention of both tourists and locals without costing you anything in advance.

Because Coupon Sevilla is offered in 7 languages, it is an ideal platform for all people, especially tourists.

Coupon Sevilla tries to provide the best possible overview of all activities available in Sevilla, so that tourists and local residents can find everything on 1 platform with all the information and the very best price!

You can email us any information, photos and videos related to your activity. So you decide how you want your activity to be presented on Coupon Sevilla.

How does it work?

You decide which activity you want to do on the Coupon Sevilla platform; so these can also be multiple activities.

You determine the amount of our commission.

The user receives part of this commission as a discount.

We will inform you of the amount or percentage of the discount for this activity.

You create a discount code in your cash register system.

This can be the word coupon, but also your own code.

The people who book with you through Coupon Sevilla use this code.

You receive the booking and payment yourself.

The user gets the best price!

At the end of one month, email us the discount given and we will send you an invoice for the remainder of the commission.


You offer an activity for €25

Our commission is €5

We give €2 of our commission as a discount to the user.

The user books directly with you for the activity through Coupon Sevilla and uses the discount code.

The user therefore receives a €2 discount and now pays €23 instead of €25.

At the end of a month, Coupon Sevilla will send an invoice for €3 for the remaining part of the commission (€5 commission minus €2 discount for the user = €3)


The conditions for working with Coupon Sevilla are simple:

  • The information and images of the activity offered must correspond to reality
  • The user can be sure that he will receive the activity as presented on Coupon Sevilla
  • The monthly commission settlement is done in complete confidence and is transparent
  • Coupon Sevilla has the right to check an activity (free) whether it meets the description
  • Coupon Sevilla has the right to immediately stop cooperation with a provider if it appears that the provider does not comply with the conditions.


Would you like more information, a personal appointment or would you like to collaborate?

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