Thanks for your interest.

First of all, we would like to explain to you in a simple way how we work: You tell us the price of the experience you want to offer

Determine what commission you are willing to give us (the higher it is, the more attractive we can make it).

You give us information about the activities you want to publish with us

We bring clients directly to your website so you can receive new clients in your establishment.

The only thing we ask of you is that you add a field to your website's shopping cart to add the discount code that we will give you so you can add it to your website. (for example: COUPON 2023 that generates a €2 discount)

What do you think?

If you like the idea, contact us and we will explain it to you in with all details.

We are creating the largest community of experiences in Seville. We have started in just a few months and we already have more than 105 companies interested in the COUPON SEVILLA project.

Are you going to miss it? We transfer part of the commissions to the user.

All reservations are made through your own site, that is, without the intervention of another party. The users of Coupon Sevilla are both tourists and locals. If you prefer to make an appointment in person to discuss everything, just let us know.


Bert Duizer

Inge Duizer- van Rooij

C/ Maria Josefa Segovia 8

41007 Sevilla

T 663558472